BEST of Iowa Releases Key Findings on COVID-19 Economic Impacts

1 Feb 2021


The Iowa Economic Development Authority, economic development partners and utilities announced existing business trends and key findings. Through the Business Expansion and Strategic Trends (BEST) of Iowa initiative, the group focused its efforts on opportunities to support growth and remove barriers as well as the unique challenges COVID-19 created for companies in Iowa. The report identifies solutions and policies that will help support a successful recovery for a sustainable future.

“Getting first-hand feedback from businesses across our state is critical to making sure we’re setting the stage for economic success,” said Drew Conrad, Director at the Institute for Decision Making, The University of Northern Iowa. “We realized early in 2020 that we needed to focus our efforts on the unique challenges of doing business in a pandemic. We hope that this information will help leaders pinpoint how to best support the hardworking people of Iowa.”

The 2020 BEST of Iowa key findings and conclusions identified trend information from interviews completed with 813 companies across 76 counties.

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