Retail Coach

Retail Coach is a national retail consulting, market research, and development firm that combines strategy, technology, and creative expertise to develop and deliver high-impact retail recruitment. The City of Carroll and Carroll County Growth Partnership (CCGP) have partnered together to help expand existing business and bring new opportunities to Carroll. Using Retail Coach’s experience and expertise, the Carroll area will expand as the regional hub for Western Iowa. Retail Coach offers community and retail specific data providing market research for growth and development. Retail Coach and its resources will help the Carroll area grow in the right direction and maintain the high level of community standards we have.

“The CCGP in partnership with the City of Carroll are accumulating great interest in retail and seeing it grow. Retail Coach will help us take a proactive approach in helping existing and future retail businesses in the Carroll Area. They will help us tell our story on why we are retail hub and will continue to be in the future.”

Jim Auen • CCGP President

“It was beneficial to hear outside ideas and perspectives from an expert. As well as see data and opportunities for the retailers in the community.”

Steph Hackfort • Owner Toploft Clothing

“As a small business owner, I am always looking for opportunities to learn and grow. I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with Austin. His insights helped me to see the potential for our business and other businesses in our community as well. That’s really exciting to me.”

Beth Glynn • Owner Mrs. Glynn and Co.

“As a local business owner, the Retail Coach data has given us the opportunity to sell GE Cafeˊ appliances. GE Cafeˊ appliances are a higher end appliance that we have been trying for months to persuade our supplier to allow us to sell. It wasn’t until I sent them the data that showed our 30,000 plus market area and the estimated 2% growth in appliance sales that they immediately approved us.”

Howie Drees • Owner Drees Co.


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