Why We’re Excited About Alcohology

Why We’re Excited About Alcohology Main Photo

17 Oct 2019


Why We’re Excited About Alcohology

Carroll County’s Alcohology Tour is something that residents and businesses can be excited about. It highlights the incredible energy behind Carroll’s alcohol industry, along with the amazing restaurants, shops and thriving communities that call Carroll County home. Several people and businesses have come together to make the Alcohology Tour possible. Here’s what they had to say.

“This project will help us, Templeton Rye, Iowa Legendary Rye and Carroll Brewing Co.  to promote our businesses and products within the county and throughout the region. The Alcohology Tour will also be a big asset for tourism in Carroll County. As a family winery, we love the process of cultivating our vineyard and making wine. This tour allows us to share more of what we love, while encouraging people to become a customer, enjoy a glass of wine and stay for a steak dinner at Baratta’s,” said Della Lappe of Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery.

“The Alcohology Tour will bring more brand awareness to Iowa Legendary Rye. We have a fun story to tell, and sharing the history is part of the process. Afterall, not many companies got their start with a bootlegging grandma!” said Mike Long, Director Regional Sales & Distribution at Iowa Legendary Rye.

“We thought this was a great idea from when it was first brought to our attention. Alcohology will be a great way to entice people from all over to come to Carroll County, Iowa. With this people can experience so many different types of alcohol’s, from beer to wine to whiskey. We will be taking it to events and tastings all over the state of Iowa to encourage people to come check out what we have going on here,” said Chase Prebeck, Hospitality Manager, Templeton Rye Spirits.

How You Can Support Alcohology in Carroll County

We encourage everyone to support Alcohology in Carroll County by taking the tour, learning about Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery, Templeton Rye, Iowa Legendary Rye and Carroll Brewing Co. Each is located in a fantastic property, offers tastings and the opportunity to experience the magic of alcohology in Carroll County.

“The Carroll County Chamber and locals have been so supportive over the years, visiting our winery, eating at our restaurant and spreading the word,” said Della Lappe. “The Alcohology Tour is one more way, locals can help Carroll County businesses to grow, while also creating more opportunities for everyone in the county.”

Chase Prebeck added, “We think that the people of Carroll County will love this piece. It is a great way for locals to check out these different facilities they maybe haven’t had a chance to see yet or would like to visit again. The tour is also a great way to learn about the history of our county and how it was a destination for a lot of different reasons over the last 100+ years.”

Download your Alcohology Tour brochure and plan to have some fun!