Western Iowa Networks Offers Unbeatable High-Quality Fiber Optic Network Services in Iowa

Western Iowa Networks Offers Unbeatable High-Quality Fiber Optic Network Services in Iowa Main Photo

31 Jan 2020


“One of Western Iowa’s Largest Independent Telephone Companies!”

Iowa is a largely rural state, which can make it hard to gain access to high-quality fiber optics and internet communications services. Luckily in Iowa, Western Iowa Networks (WIN) has been serving local communities with just such services. Western Iowa Networks delivers rural companies and businesses unbeatable high-quality Fiber Internet, with speeds up to 1Gbps, Digital TV & Phone services and a full suite of Managed IT services.

Starting in 1905, WIN has always been a company dedicated to delivering state of the art technology to people, with the goal of matching and even surpassing the internet services offered in larger cities. These services that WIN offers allows these rural companies and businesses to compete with businesses in larger cities. With WIN’s services, rural companies can take advantage of the hard-working local workforce and have a lower overhead than their larger city competitors.

“Our staff is dedicated to doing what is best and right for each customer we serve.  Our goal is not to sell services but to serve the customer with what is best for them and their needs.” - Jeff Roiland (Western Iowa Networks, CEO)

Compared to other local internet service providers, WIN goes above and beyond to give their customers the most comprehensive internet communication services as possible, for the best price. Western Iowa Networks offers its customers amazing customer service and support. Their IT services allow customers to call a local IT helpline who will help the customers take care of any issues they might have in a fraction of the time it takes many national companies to provide such services. WIN’s competition simply cannot compare to WIN’s services. Western Iowa Networks provides more bandwidth, higher speeds, and more reliability than any of its competitors.

“The best part of operating in Iowa is having the pleasure of interacting with our customers. The people in Iowa really are the most friendly people you will find anywhere.” – Wes Treadway (Western Iowa Networks, Customer Service Manager)

Western Iowa Networks has expanded throughout its 115 years of service. They now serve the communities of Carroll, Breda, Denison, Arcadia, Westside, Lidderdale, Glidden, Macedonia, Pacific Junction, Farragut, and Glenwood, Iowa. Managed IT services, as well as their other internet network services, are available in all of these locations. WIN has offices in Breda, Carroll, and Denison for all residents and businesses looking for a highly reliable local internet and cable provider.

Western Iowa Networks has countless businesses and organizations that benefit from their comprehensive high-quality services. For example, the small town of Breda, IA, is home to several companies that are conducting business nationwide. Without WIN’s reliable services it would be very difficult to conduct such business.

Thanks to WIN’s services, even in rural areas, businesses have the opportunity to utilize the high-powered fiber-optic network and internet speed to conduct business with customers, such as video conferencing with local and remote customers. Or even providing a live video feed to their customers of products being built, as one company in the local area has done, thanks to WIN.

Western Iowa Networks' mission is to provide dependable communication services to customers, offering state of the art technology. WIN provides services that provide local economic benefits and presence. WIN continues to strive to improve upon their services and operations as need arises, to ensure the very best and high-quality internet and communications services.

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