Puck Enterprises: 40 Years of Excellence Here in Western Iowa!

23 Aug 2019


Western Iowa is proud to say that Puck Enterprises has been thriving in our area for over forty years! Puck Enterprises is an industry leader in liquid manure transfer equipment and continues to be the leader of liquid transfer equipment and services here in Western Iowa.

With a history of innovation and success, Puck Enterprises has changed with the times and the landscape of the farming industry in Iowa. Starting out originally with vacuum trucks and small square balers and transitioning to manufacturing their own equipment and control systems to further customize their work for their customers. Today they offer liquid transfer products for the agricultural, oil and gas, municipalities, mining, and forestry industries. They also offer control systems and hose products for their customers. Puck Enterprises continues to grow and expand, continuing the proud tradition of over four decades of innovation and hard work.

Puck Enterprises has stood for quality and innovation for over 40 years.

From our innovative liquid transfer products and control systems, to our unwavering customer support, we take pride in knowing that with our help, customers are able to enjoy a higher quality-of-life.

So, what sets them apart from the rest? Puck Enterprises currently applies 250 million gallons of liquid manure, on an annual basis, within approximately 45 miles of Manning. This work and their services are fully customized to the area, giving Manning only the very best service. They have also grown to over 145 employees, in the Manning location, from only 15 employees in 2010! Showing a massive spike in the growth of their workforce and proving just how unique and sought after their products and services are to this community.

Puck Enterprises celebrated turning 40 this last July of 2019 in Manning, Iowa. Ben Puck, the President, CEO, and founder of Puck Enterprises, started this company in the late 1970s as a farmer who saw an opportunity to help the Iowa farming community succeed.

Family is at the core of Puck Enterprises

“Family is at the core of who we are, within our company and in our personal relationships with customers. Through decades of hard work driven by family values, we have built Puck on a legacy of innovation and being good stewards of the land.” – Ben Puck (President, CEO, and Founder)

Manning, Iowa, was the perfect place for Puck Enterprises to build their business. Employees love working and living in the area because of its culture and strong sense of community. Manning, Iowa was the birthplace of Puck Enterprises, but it has grown into a 5-location business success! Puck Enterprises now has locations in Farley, Iowa, Worthing, South Dakota, Angier, North Carolina, and Osijek, Croatia, as well as their original location here in Manning, Iowa. What started out as a small business in the heart of farm country has now turned into a national and international success story. And it all started here in Manning, Iowa, where the cornfields are overflowing with abundance, in part thanks to Puck Enterprises and their innovative work.

Even though the company has seen massive growth in the past forty years the CEO and employees alike both believe that their maintained success has to do with the people who day in and day out work hard to maintain this success. Employees and management both agree that work ethic in their workforce is the key to their success.

“If you surround yourself with good, hard-working, people, you can accomplish most anything.” – Jeremy Puck (General Manager)

With creativity, innovation, and hard work, Puck Enterprises continues to be a top industry leader in liquid transfer equipment and services. Starting our in the liquid manure field so many years ago, they now have expanded to manufacturing liquid transfer systems to other target industries, such as the oil and gas industry, and more! They have grown into a 5-location business, yet maintain their small town, hard-working mentality. Puck Enterprises is proud to call Manning, Iowa, home, and continues to thrive right here where it all began.

Puck Enterprises is truly, ‘Built to Lead.” If you are interested in learning more about Puck Enterprises you can contact info@puck.com or visit their website at www.puck.com for more information.