Templeton Savings Bank: A Century of Economic Development in Carroll County, Iowa

Templeton Savings Bank: A Century of Economic Development in Carroll County, Iowa Main Photo

12 Jun 2023


Templeton Savings Bank is a beacon of generational success in Carroll County, Iowa. As it celebrates its 100th year in business, this family-owned bank has weathered the winds of change, evolving with the times while remaining rooted in its core values. Passed down from one generation to the next, Templeton Savings Bank has nurtured a strong sense of tradition, community, and commitment to its customers. Today, Templeton Savings Bank continues to drive economic development and provide exceptional financial services, ensuring a prosperous future for the county and its loyal clientele.

Templeton Savings Bank: Supporting Economic Development

We asked Tom Horbach,  CEO and Chairman of the Board, on the steps Templeton Savings Bank has taken over the past century to support economic development in Carroll County, and how this has contributed to the bank's success as a generational business. Horbach replied, “Templeton Savings Bank has continuously identified local needs, ensuring it remains aligned with the community's economic goals. The bank has actively shaped the county's growth trajectory by developing solid relationships with local development organizations. Bank employees have been actively involved in these organizations and have dedicated numerous hours volunteering for various local initiatives, further fostering economic progress.”

Inclusive Services and Financial Literacy

Recognizing the importance of local businesses, Templeton Savings Bank has consistently provided tailored services to enterprises of all sizes. The bank has assisted new and existing customers with cash flow needs, enabling entrepreneurs to start and fund their businesses effectively. Templeton Savings Bank has also played a vital role in promoting financial literacy and education, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the evolving economy.

Creating a Lasting Legacy

As a long-standing family-owned business, Templeton Savings Bank offers valuable advice to other enterprises in Carroll County seeking to create a lasting legacy. John Harbach, President of the bank says, “Building strong customer relationships remains a cornerstone of success, as it fosters a sense of loyalty and trust. Additionally, establishing a positive work environment that offers opportunities for career advancement contributes to employee satisfaction, ensuring long-term employment and dedication.”

Community Engagement and Growth

Templeton Savings Bank encourages businesses to actively engage with the local community. By participating in community projects, companies can contribute to the retention and growth of the local population, driving economic development. Collaborating with community organizations and supporting initiatives that align with the county's goals helps foster a sense of belonging and loyalty.

Balancing Tradition and Technology

In the face of changing industry dynamics and the rise of digital banking, Templeton Savings Bank strikes a balance between traditional values and modern technology. Tom Horbach says, “The bank hires a proficient staff capable of understanding evolving technology trends and supporting customers' concerns. Continual investments in new technology enable us to meet customer needs effectively while enhanced cybersecurity measures protect sensitive information. As we continue to maintain a trusted environment through clear communication of products and services, we also ensure that customers receive excellent in-house customer service.”

Templeton Savings Bank's century-long commitment to economic development in Carroll County, Iowa, is a shining example of the power of generational businesses to make a positive difference. Through their unwavering dedication to identifying local needs, fostering meaningful relationships, providing inclusive services, promoting financial literacy, and embracing technological advancements, generational companies like Templeton Savings Bank not only contribute to the growth and prosperity of the community but also leave a lasting legacy of economic empowerment and community enrichment. 

A Bold Commitment to Economic Development : Carroll County Growth Partnership

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