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Dawn Meyer

Executive Committee (City of Manning)

Department: Board

TERM EXPIRES: December 2020

Why do you believe in the Carroll Area Development Corporation? 

As a member from a smaller community, I recognize the importance of a regional approach.  There are things that Carroll can offer that we can’t.  Likewise, there are things that the small communities thrive at.  As the region grows, it helps all of us.  And CADC is uniquely qualified to be able to represent the region and offer expertise to the whole county.

Why did you want to serve on the Board of Directors for CADC? 

I enjoy being involved and I enjoy challenges.  Trying to help find solutions for things like housing and workforce is very rewarding.  And I enjoy the wide-range of experiences and expertise that the board members brings to the table. 

Why do you love to live and work in Carroll County? 

Carroll County offers everything we need and the people are some of the best. 

Board Coworkers

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