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Doug Burns

Board Member (Carroll Times Herald)

Department: Board

TERM EXPIRES: December 2020

Q1. Why do you believe in the Carroll Area Development Corporation?

The Carroll Area Development Corporation officially serves all of Carroll County but we historically have taken an even broader, regional approach. Without aggressive development efforts on our part market forces will continue to push explosive growth in Des Moines suburbs like Grimes at our expense. It is only through organizations like the CADC that rural Iowa has a fighting chance in the modern economy.

Q2. Why did you want to serve on the Board of Directors for CADC?

I’m 51 now, but had the privilege 20 years ago of being one of the younger members on the board as the late Art Neu and others mentored me. Each time we are in meetings or otherwise engaged in CADC activities I am mindful of the responsibility we all have to carry on the legacy of the founders of this development organization

Q3. Why do you love to live and work in Carroll County?

President Lyndon Johnson once said that he wanted to live in a place where people know when you are sick and care when you die. That sums up our integrated lives in Carroll County where we are all one or two or three degrees of separation from each other. Our challenge is not to let social media severe those bonds, forged for generations, with small and large acts of kindness. Our board gets this

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